Our belief: connected systems will soon be everywhere, even where you'd least expect them...
At CUBE, we know you're ready to start managing your energy and we're equally convinced that tomorrow's electrical distribution will be controlled using connected systems. This is exactly what we offer specifically for the events industry, and more generally for service industry buildings.
Welcome to the world of CUBE!                                                                                                                               François Laurent - CEO                                    

The power of digital! Useful and accessible Smart Data

CUBE develops and markets intelligent systems, specifically designed to control electrical distribution in exhibition spaces.
We currently have 10,000 systems in operation in the biggest exhibition spaces in France and Europe.

BUILDING SOLUTIONS Monitoring the energy

Result of 15 years of experience, our connected solutions fit more than ever with the request of saving energy in the service sector.

CUBE offers innovative solutions, adaptable to any type of installation. Our systems are independent from manufacturers of measuring devices.

Smart solutions to control energy consumption

In the same way smartphones are used for their "smart" capabilities rather than as a phone, CUBE solutions offers a wide range of services for all stakeholders in exhibition spaces and service industry premises.
Site managers, electricians, exhibitors and even visitors can now benefit from the latest technologies integrated in our solutions.